19 March 2009, Thursday, 17:29

Bashkortostan is on the first place in Volga federal district by housing building volumes

author: Elvira Latypova

Bashkortostan is found on the first position in Volga federal district by the housing building volumes in 2008.

“Two million 351 thousand square meters of tenements have been put into exploitation in 2008 – by 26% more than in 2007” – Prime-Minister of Government RB Rail Sarbaev reported at the expanded meeting of Government RB today, dedicated to work balance in industry, agriculture, building, transport, communications and social sphere in 2008. The volume of contract construction works put in place has exceeded 101 billion rubles.

“We have to undertake all measures to make the cost of dwelling lower” – Rail Sarbaev underscored – “Problems of housing conditions improvement for needy people and especially for young families have to be under special control of executive power boards. The key task-2009 is to put at least 2,4 million square meters into exploitation”.