19 March 2009, Thursday, 9:41

Delegation RB to participate in VII conference of Chuvash national congress

author: Bulat Ulbarisov

Delegation RB, headed by the chairman of Chuvash Congress executive committee in Bashkortostan Valerie Sidorov, has left for Cheboksary to take part in the VII conference of Chuvash National Congress appointed on March 20.

Seven delegates, elected by Chuvash Congress RB and Chuvash Culture Society RB will present Chuvash diaspora of Bashkortostan at the conference.

About 500 representatives of Chuvash nation, including 102 delegates from 29 Russian regions and six foreign countries, and 230 delegates from Chuvashia will take part in the conference. Delegations from Bashkortostan, Tatarstan, Orenburg region, Samara, Sverdlovsk, Tyumen and Ulyanovsk regions, from Moscow and Saint-Petersburg are expected to become the most numerous.

President of Chuvash national congress Gennady Arkhipov will read the summary report. Delegates and guests of the conference will take part in the Republican Chuvash national suit festival on March 19. On March 21 delegates will meet with the heads of education institutions of Chuvashia re personnel’s training for culture and education institutions in Russian regions with Chuvash population. After that delegates will take part in the seminar with the heads of the congress’s delegations re holding the Chuvash national festival “AKATUY”.