18 March 2009, Wednesday, 14:38

70% of school graduates may enter budget vacancies in 2009

author: Elmira Sabirova

The number of budget vacancies at secondary special and higher education institutions RB will be preserved at the last year level. Taking the demographic recession of 90s into account the number of school graduates, who may pretend to budget vacancies in case of successful exams passing, will be higher than usual. The deputy Minister of education RB Elena Kozlova reports the outflow of the 11th class graduates has decreased from 35 thousand in 2008 to 30 thousand in 2009.

“According to our forecasts 70% of graduates may enter budget vacancies of higher, secondary and primary professional education” – she said.

But some changes will nevertheless occur.

“The federal center is going to redistribute budget vacancies from poorly demanded humanitarian specialties to the directions, which can become more demanded in current economic situation” – the deputy Minister of education RB said – “our analysts report that information technologies, power-engineering, transport specialties and service sphere face higher demand among employers”.