18 March 2009, Wednesday, 11:52

Conference “National-state formations in history and political practice of Russian federalism” to be held in Ufa on March 20

author: Marina Shumilova

The all-Russian scientific-practical conference “National-state formations in history and political practice of Russian federalism”, dated to the 90th anniversary of Bashkortostan Soviet autonomy foundation will be held in Ufa on March 20. It is organized by Bashkir President Administration and Bashkir Academy of state service and management under President RB. Representatives of federal and regional authority and management, scientists and activists of public associations will participate in its work.

Participants will discuss the meaning of national-state formations in establishment of Russia as the great multinational Eurasian state, history and lawful basics of modern federalism, problems of inter-budget federalism and delimitation of social liability between the center and its regions, the role of ethnic-cultural values of Russian multinational population in development of federalism principles and many other aspects.

Seminars “The history of national-state formations development in Russian Federation”, “The practice of modern federative relations in Russian Federation” and “The role of civil society institutes in formation and development of Russian federalism” will be held within the frames of the conference.