17 March 2009, Tuesday, 11:32

Foreigners, busy with illegal trade activity, will be deported

author: Elena Makushina

Three citizens of Uzbekistan and one citizen of Tajikistan will be deported from Russia. This is the verdict of Ufa district court, made on the base of the materials, introduced by Russian Federal Migration Service Dept in Republic of Bashkortostan.

The news-secretary of Russian Federal Migration Service Dept in RB Venera Valieva reports these foreign citizens ignored the main clauses of the Governmental decree “The allowable quote of foreign workers in sphere of retail trade and sport on the territory RF in 2009”. In accordance with this document migrants mustn’t be busy with retail trade activity in local markets, in booths and outside the shops. Nonetheless local police has arrested these four migrants in the course of their illegal trade with vegetables and fruits in the pedestrian subway near the Ufa Central Market.

At present time these foreigners are found in the Temporary Custody Center for foreign citizens, who have to be deported.