16 March 2009, Monday, 0:00

Priorities of housing-communal services are determined in Moscow

author: Mariat Artuhova

“The main task now is to launch the structures in the housing-communal services market, able to work on competitive principles, and formation of the main driving force in this market – a liable housing owner” – the deputy Chairman of Russian Government Dmitry Kozak stated today at the X all-Russian housing-communal services forum. As Dmitry Kozak said, the ability of housing-communal services to meet the everyday needs of people becomes of paramount importance for stability of the country under conditions of the present economic crisis.

Representatives of federal ministries and departments, heads of housing-communal enterprises, including from Republic of Bashkortostan, are among the participants of the forum.

The seminars to such actual subject-matters as provision of the branch’s stable functioning, prevention of emergency situations in autumn-winter period, measures for provision of economic stability of management companies and self-regulation in sphere of housing-communal services for population will be held within the frames of the forum today, the PR-department of the state corporation “The Fund for assistance to housing-communal service reorganization” reports.